We love your IT manager. But can we tell you something? Placing your company’s cybersecurity on their already weighed down shoulders is a slippery slope that can have devastating repercussions. It also shouldn’t be their responsibility in the first place.

A CEO’s job is to eliminate the things that threaten the success of their organization. And they do it often:

  • They terminate bad employees.
  • They re-work a system that’s no longer working.
  • They purchase insurance policies in case of X.

And yet, there are many great leaders that push off their biggest threat onto the backs of their IT managers.

Here are some chilling facts for you:

  • On average, a cyber-attack will cost your small business nearly $200,000.
  • 60% of small businesses fold within 6-months of a cyber-attack.
  • And while nearly half of small businesses suffered some form of a breach last year, 66% of senior decision-makers still believe they’re unlikely to be targeted by online criminals.

Cybersecurity is a leader’s initiative. Not an IT managers burden.

Contrary to a common misconception, cybersecurity is not another “technology thing” that should be deferred to the folks who handle “technology things.”

Security is a business thing. It requires a great deal of strategy and planning. It seeps into every aspect of a business. When a company experiences a cyber-attack, the entire business, and its future, is instantly at risk. Every department, every customer and every line of business becomes vulnerable.

And the repercussions can cost you… BIG time.  So, you can’t tell us that this is something you want to pass off to your IT team to figure out without your input.

It’s hard to prioritize a threat you cannot see. But take a moment to stop and think about how hard you’ve worked to build the business you have today. The long hours, countless sacrifices, and dedication. All of which can be gone with one simple click of a link attached to a malicious email. It’s truly that easy and you’re right to be spooked by the thought of it happening to you.

Preparing Your Business for the Future.

We know there are some of you that read this and think, “but what if I pay for cybersecurity protection and don’t really need it.”

Running your business without cybersecurity is like running your business without insurance or locks on your facility doors. Without it, you’re gambling vitality of the entity you’ve worked so hard to build. Every company will experience a cyber-attack in some fashion. It might not be today, or tomorrow, but it will happen. Are you willing to take that risk?

How Complex Is Your Cybersecurity Solution?

Cybersecurity goes much deeper than having a firewall and anti-virus protection in place. While these basic security measures are important, they are no longer sufficient for today’s threat landscape. Cybercriminals don’t care what you do or how long you’ve been doing it. Their methods for attacking companies like yours are malicious, designed to confuse individuals, and can easily overcome traditional IT security practices (firewalls and anti-virus).

We love your IT manger. But to be honest, they aren’t trained or equipped to monitor your environment for intruders 24/7, plan for future security measures, and provide security training for the rest of your staff. It’s nearly impossible for a single person to do all of that, on top of their daily technical responsibilities.  An effective cybersecurity program requires a dedicated team, 24/7 monitoring and an extensive background in security for it to be done correctly.

Leaders, this is your big takeaway:

Cybersecurity is YOUR responsibility and you need to see to it that you have the right plan in place to adequately protect your company from one of the biggest threats facing your organization today.

Once you make it a priority, your employees (even the ones who drag their feet when new policies roll out) will too.

We want to help you eliminate threats before they become threatening.

Schedule a call to discuss your cybersecurity posture and see how our Enhanced Security Services can help you adopt one of the best cybersecurity defenses on the market today.