ASK is not like other IT providers. We take a different approach to solving technical problems and providing IT solutions. We take the time to understand your business and how you use technology to do your job. If you’re looking for a break-fix company, we won’t be a good fit for you.

Over the years we’ve developed a methodology “The Three Pillars of Good IT Management”.  Without all three pillars, a company’s IT and business infrastructure becomes unbalanced. Without Managed IT Services, the small things likes patches and application updates can get overlooked. Without Disaster Recovery, there is no promise that a company’s data can be successfully restored. Without a proactive Cybersecurity plan, a company’s future will always be at risk for phishing attacks, malware and ransomware.

Many companies cannot accomplish all three pillars on their own. We can help with that.

Managed IT Services

The proactive monitoring, care and management of the IT infrastructure with the help of ASK’s dedicated services team.

Disaster Recovery

Ensures that data is backed up and accessible through high availability, is restored digitally, and successfully replicated.


Proactive, 24-hour monitoring cybersecurity protection that, in real-time, prevents attacks from the bad guys.

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We Understand

We understand that, to most business people, technology companies all look the same. We think it’s important therefore to present to you the reasons why ASK is not your typical IT company and to highlight the areas where we are different.

Our Philosophy

The first area where ASK is different from other IT companies is in the area of how we view technology. ASK believes that technology has no intrinsic value on its own. To the typical IT geek, that statement is blasphemy! At ASK, our belief is that technology’s only value is in its ability to help your business increase profits. We prove this belief by offering our Total Care customers a cost plus purchase model on new hardware and software! Ask your current vendor if they will show you what they paid for the hardware and software that they are selling you. At ASK we will! ASK is different!

Our Technical Ability

Every IT company will tell you that their technicians are the best. What makes ASK’s technicians better than theirs? A couple of things. First of all you have to understand that ASK was founded in 1993 as mid-Michigan’s only Premier IBM mainframe computing business partner. Our business model was based on providing support to the region’s largest companies. We “grew up” as the partner of choice for largest companies in the region. The same processes and knowledge that we perfected in those environments are the basis for our Small and Medium Business Total Care platform. That is dramatically different from every other IT company in mid-Michigan. Most of them learned IT in the “garage” and then built an IT company. Proof of our technical proficiency is the fact that many of the areas smaller IT companies hire ASK to handle their more complicated and difficult issues.

Our Process

Our large company heritage has taught us that solid processes are as important as technical proficiency. At ASK we are very different in this area as well. Some differences include:

  • 24x7x365 Service Level Agreements – we are always on the job

  • Monthly reports justifying in detail the work done on your account

  • A dedicated Account Manager who will report to you every quarter on the return on investment that you achieved through Total Care – and invite you to renegotiate the program price.

Your ASK team will provide you with strategic leadership when it comes to technology. At every quarterly review, your team will make recommendations for the future and discuss ways that technology can help you increase profits.