You might not think groundbreaking cancer research and business consulting have much in commonBut our recent guest on the Bottom Line IT podcast blends those two worlds with ease!

Jerry Hollister wears two big professional hats: What Happens When You Mix Business Consulting with Particle Acceleration?

  • And He’s also the Chief Operating Officer at Niowave, a company manufactures medical isotopes to cure cancer and ultimately save lives.  

While these two camps may seem completely different, a closer look reveals a unified passion –helping small companies doing big work to put their ideas into action. Whether that’s helping a tech company secure funding for product development to offering structure to a company that splits atoms all day. As he puts it, “I help you transition from a science project to a commercially viable business that is using science and technology for the business”. 

As you listen to their conversation, it’s evident that Jerry exhausts a mountain of resources to help him and his clients be more successful.  

Lansing is fortunate to have a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem equipped with incubators, free education, grant writing assistance, accelerator programs, and so much more! And yet, most startups don’t even know these resources are available to them.  

Jerry enjoys being a connection point between his client and this arsenal of resources to help them overcome obstacles and keep pushing forward! 

Want to learn more about the intricacies of particle acceleration or how Jerry has helped companies take their ideas for new tech and make them a reality?  

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You can listen to their full conversation on the Bottom Line IT Podcast below: