If you are opening a small business or have been running one for years, setting up the technology and IT aspect of your company can be tedious and overwhelming. Luckily, we have some experience setting up IT hardware solutions for small businesses that save them money, protect their data and boost their bottom line. 

1. Data Storage

Your business’ data is one of the most important assets you have, and is also the most sought by hackers across the world. If something were to happen to your data, it is important to have your data stored and backed up in a secure location. This can be a pricey piece of hardware for your business, but in the long run, it can save your company thousands.ASK hardware solutions

It is important to consolidate heterogeneous data storage environments and centralize storage management.  These tools keep all of your data in one location, allowing you to retrieve it quickly if something were to happen.

2. Cloud Computing

Technology allows companies to take their business with them wherever they go, giving employees the opportunity to work remotely, travel efficiently and stay connected. Cloud computing uses a network of remote servers that are hosted online to store, manage and process data, rather than have to access that data from a server or computer in an office.

Utilizing a cloud hosting system can reduce management, heating and cooling costs, wiring and maintenance costs for a company.

3. Web and Email Security

The internet has helped expand business offerings for companies across the globe. While there are many benefits to it, there are accompanying dangers. These risks posts significant threats to your reputation, and ultimately your bottom line. From viruses to spyware, intruders can find their way into your network and create chaos in a blink of an eye. Investing in web and email security for a small business decreases the likelihood of an intrusion occurring. Anti-virus protection stops sophisticated threats that can target web users through email protocols. Just like a company locks its doors to protect valuables, it is important to secure your virtual information.

4. Hardware Firewalls

Using a hardware-based firewall protects all of the computers on a given network. These hardware-based firewalls are much easier to maintain and administer then software firewalls, saving you time as a small business owner. These firewalls are a protective barrier between a company’s internal systems and the outside world.

Implementing IT Hardware Solutions for Your Small Business

It is critical for small businesses to implement IT hardware solutions. Taking these steps will secure data, increase productivity, and protect your business. At ASK we specialize in implementing IT and security solutions for businesses. We have extensive knowledge of what IT hardware solutions will be of the best value for your company. Talk to us today!