Simple Security To-Do: Lock Your Computer Screen

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Sometimes it is the simple things that make a difference. If you haven’t figured it out yet, your behavior and how you keep your office has an impact on the security of your employer. We’re not talking about a small impact either. Your interaction with your email, password hygiene, and how you handle sensitive data are critically important. Let’s not fool ourselves privacy is not going to become less of a concern as time goes on. The has decided to lead the world with their General Data Protection Regulation and it is only a matter of time before other governments follow suit.

Have you read your employer’s acceptable use policy recently?
You should. It’s likely you will find there are expectations for your behavior where technology is concerned. Even if you are working in an environment where these policies haven’t quite caught up to the technological reality we live in, you don’t want to the be the catalyst for a security incident.

Simple Security To-Do: Lock Your Computer Screen

Let’s look at a simple change you can make to start off on the right path.  Do you walk away from your unlocked computer to use the restroom when you’re at the office? How about when you’re working remotely, like at a customer site or in a restaurant? 5 years ago, no one would think twice about doing this. Things have changed though.

When you leave a logged in computer unlocked at the office, you give unauthorized individuals the opportunity to access data or perform activities they may not be authorized to see or use. Insider threats are very real and incident responders need to be able to identify a systems user based on the credentials they authenticated with. Leaving computers unlocked makes this much more difficult and sometimes impossible. Your computer may be configured to lock itself after 15 minutes and while it is a little inconvenient to log back in when you come back, once you have a little time to adjust, it will become second nature.

So instead of waiting for the computer to time-out or doing nothing, push the Windows Key + L every time you leave your computer. Locking your computer is as simple as pushing the Windows Key + L.

If you’re working remotely or in a public location you really should not leave any electronic devices (laptop, phone, tablet) unattended but in some cases, it may be necessary (this includes your hotel room and car). It is especially important you manually lock your computer in this situation. It could mean the difference between someone not only stealing your computer but also your company’s data.

Locking your computer really is the simplest of behavior changes and helps protect you and your employer from being involved in a security incident.

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