SiemensSiemens is going “all in” on technology advances to revamp their manufacturing processes.  This massive company is gaining efficiency and return on investment based on their integral use of technology.  Mike and Erik discuss the advantage of this on this segment of the Bottom Line IT.

Manufacturing is undergoing a huge transformation, in regards to technology and technology advancement. Seimens, a large mega-corporation has revamped all of their factories across the globe. With their new platform, MindSphere, they have completely digitized their processes. MindSphere connects machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world. It provides digital services that allow more productivity and efficiency across the entire company. Downtime is reduced and output is increased with MindSphere.

Companies like Siemens know that IT infrastructure holds the key to knowledge to their organization. The technology exists to have IT fulfill efficiency gains, but the department has to be placed in the position to do it. Organizations can not just look at IT as a support cost center but as a business driver. IT needs to be linked to the business strategy in order to improve competitiveness, bottom line, productivity, and growth. Technology should be used as tools to modify and create new business models.

Many smaller to medium-sized companies lack the up to date knowledge of the latest technology that can help them accomplish a better, more productive and efficient business process. ASK’s Total Care solutions can help.  ASK understands that, for a business, technology has no intrinsic value of its own. Its only value is its ability to enable reduced costs, increased revenues or streamlined processes. We have people looking at the latest technology and network security solutions that can be used to better improve your business process. Learn more about ASK’s solutions here.

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