ASK is proud to offer ZixCorp Email Encryption Solutions.

Zixcorp, ASK Email Encryption Services


Spam, viruses, and inappropriate content have become a major problem for business of all sizes. ASK is proud to offer ASK Email Security. This is a managed email secuirty service that is in use by businesses worldwide, protecting more than 10,000 business and organizations around the globe. ASK email encryption services works to prevent malware and serve as anti-virus protection.

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Highlights and Benefits of ASK Email Security include:

  • 100% protection against known and unknown email viruses
  • Virtually eliminate spam with almost zero “false positives”
  • Stop pornographic emails
  • Control other unwanted content
  • Quick & easy setup and administration
  • No upfront or ongoing hardware, software or support costs
  • 24×7 customer support
  • SLAs for availability, latency, protection
  • Integrated solution protects against all types of threats

Business Benefits

  • Greatly reduces email total cost of ownership by eliminating over 80% of all email traffic which reduces system constraints, bandwidth consumption, server processing cycles and storage costs
  • Lowers operating costs related to eliminating virus patching, clean up and system replacements
  • Improves worker productivity
  • Provides regulatory compliance and reduces legal exposure
  • Furthers best endeavors for complying with privacy, protection and data storage mandates
  • Frees up IT staff to focus on other proactive, strategic initiatives
  • Increases network security and business continuity
  • Enables more accurate IT planning and purchasing built around real-time and historical usage data

ASK Service Level Agreements

ASK Email Security Service offer the following industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

  • Anti-Virus Protection- 100% protection from email viruses
  • Anti-Spam Protection- Spam capture rate of 95% and false positive rate of 0.0004% or 1 in 250,000 emails (supported by data from VeriTest Anti-Spam Benchmark Service Report)
  • Service Availability- 100% service uptime
  • Email Latency- Latency is the average roundtrip time of email sent every 5 minutes to and from every tower. Credit is offered if latency exceeds 2 minutes.
  • Fault Response- ASK will respond immediately to critical and major issues affecting customer email (times vary by client and issue type)