While the web is a critical tool for businesses of all sizes, it also introduces risks and dangers that pose significant threats to your reputation and your bottom line. Web-borne viruses, spyware, and other malware can cause tremendous damage. Employee misuse of the web can cause losses of productivity and introduce unnecessary risk.

ASK is proud to offer ASK Web Security. This is a managed security solution that offers a cost effective way to provide your network with non-stop protection from infection, and continual monitoring and control of employees’ internet usage.

ASK Web Security operates at the Internet level, intercepting viruses, spyware and other web-borne threats before they get anywhere near your network.

Business Benefits

email and web security - ASK Web Security Services
  • 100% service availability ensured by a robust, global infrastructure which provides network-level load balancing
  • New and emerging threats blocked by proprietary predictive technology
  • Known spyware and web viruses intercepted by multiple, industry leading malware signaturing systems
  • Unmatched anti-virus protection from sophisticated threats which target web users through email protocols
  • Outstanding customer support, available 24/7

ASK Service Level Agreements

ASK Web Security Services

ASK Web Security Services offer the following industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs):

  • Anti-Virus Protection – 100% protection against known viruses
  • Latency – Average scanning time of 100% of web content is within 100 milliseconds
  • Service Availability – 100% uptime
  • Technical Support / Fault Response – guaranteed response times for critical, major, and minor calls


Email Security

Email-SecurityASK utilizes Symantec.Cloud to provide email security.  A large percentage of network penetrations come from poisoned links or files that are accessed via email.  Symantec’s email services deliver security, privacy and control over your email. Protection from malware, phishing, spam and targeted attacks is combined with bring-your-own-device security, secure email for smartphones & tablets, archiving, and data loss prevention & encryption to compliment your cloud hosted or on-premise mailboxes.