ASK Cloud Computing Solutions

cloud computing

ASK offers a complete array of cloud computing solutions – from hosted websites and email to fully hosted servers, applications, and desktops.

For a business, there are many potential advantages of cloud hosting.

Some of these include a reduction in:

  • Management
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Wiring
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Reduces Hardware Costs

The biggest potential advantage, however, is in flexibility and being able to access your business resources whenever you need them.

Cloud computing also involves many factors to consider including the reliability and the security built into the cloud provider’s solution. ASK has a reputation on only providing the most secure and robust cloud solutions. Our background in supporting large multinational companies has made this part of our corporate culture. The ASK Cloud suite of products is built on proven industry standard technology, complete with robust security and monitoring


Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s hosted cloud platform. With Azure, you receive all the benefits of a cloud hosted solution, like reduction in hardware costs, ease of use, and reduced maintenance costs without the large upfront capital expenditure. Microsoft Azure is also scalable for growth – so when you need more resources and storage you can simply add more and you won’t have to spend a fortune to make it happen.

Microsoft Azure allows you to build, deploy, and manage your business applications all through the power and flexibility of Microsoft’s data centers. The Azure platform is available in 140 countries, supports 17 languages, and 24 currencies – so where ever you do business, Microsoft Azure is sure to deliver. Microsoft is continually investing in Azure to make sure it is highly reliable, operational, and cost effective for businesses like yours.

For a cloud computing provider that you can trust, contact ASK and we will be glad to discuss the potential benefits of cloud services for your business.