Internal Vulnerability Assessment

InternalVA_82683547_440x330The ASK, Enhanced Security Services Internal Vulnerability Assessment is a thorough analysis of your company’s local network resources. Utilizing industry standard tools and processes, we collect information such as service version, device configuration, network configuration, domain configuration vulnerabilities, and general asset discovery. Your data is then expertly reviewed by an ASK Security Analyst before being collated into the completed Internal Vulnerability Assessment.

Unlike other available services, ASK ESS provides a final document that is useful to all individuals within an organization. We include our high-level report card, environmental risk assessment, remediation recommendations, as well as the raw data. Organization branded reports, in addition to digital copies, are just some of the many options available to provide the highest value from your ASK ESS engagements.

Standard Services
Network Scan Scan of customer IP Address space including port status, service detection, and vulnerability correlation.
Vulnerability Scan Scan of customer IP Address space with  focus on identifying known vulnerabilities and providing comparative results for Network Scan
A La Carte Services
Vulnerable Service Password Audit Attempt to crack vulnerable service passwords such as FTP, SSH, Telnet, VNC, and MySQL using common usernames and either top 500 or top 1000 worst passwords.
Firewall / IDS / IPS Log Analysis Analysis and integration of provided firewall, IDS, or IPS logs with ESS reports
Branded Reports Brand ASK ESS generated reports to your organization. Reports will include a prepared by statement immediately following the index.