Phishing scams are incredibly sophisticated email messages that can be filled with malicious links. These emails can fool even the most cautious person. Afterall, the ultimate goal with a phishing email is to trick the end user into thinking the email is legitimate.

Phishing emails can cause serious damage to your company. The best thing you can do as a company is educate your staff on what to look for and how to be on guard.

Security Awareness Training & Education

Continuous security awareness training and education should be a part of your company’s cybersecurity plan, and at minimum, part of your company’s handbook. If you aren’t providing your staff with security education, then you are not equipping them for success. You may have ten people on staff, or you might have one hundred people – it doesn’t matter. Small businesses and large enterprises all face the same risks.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but the majority of cybersecurity incidents are caused by human error. Thankfully, this is something that we can help mitigate. Through continuous security education, we can teach your staff on the signs that an email may be fake, when not to click on a link, and what to do if they do think they experienced a phishing scam. Knowing the behaviors and triggers of phishing scams can reduce your risk.

What’s Included

We can build and tailor a security awareness training based on your needs. We offer one-time training events and we also offer ongoing training. Educating staff on phishing scams is typically included in every cybersecurity training we hold because it is one of the most prevalent ways companies are hit by cybercrime. During this portion of the training, we’ll show real life examples of phishing scams and walk your staff through the identifiers that