Most businesses are aware that they are at risk of cyber-crime. But to what degree is a business exposed to this risk? With the current cost of data breach remediation exceeding $150 per stolen record (2016), it is critical that all organizations develop a plan to improve their cyber-security posture.
Our Risk Assessments are more than just a scan. Our Enhanced Security Services team is passionate about security and providing a thorough analysis. You will receive thorough reporting covering all areas of the risk assessment.

  • Documentation of Assessed Areas

  • Priority Risk Resolution Timeline

  • Raw Data (Included for transparency)

  • Remediation Recommendations

  • Summary of Findings

Risk Questionnaire

Documentation interview which covers infrastructure, policy, procedures, and security mechanisms. The questionnaire is intended to identify areas of risk outside of what tools detect. Areas of interest such as physical security, public data, wired network security, and wireless network security include some validation.

System Baselines

Test workstation(s) and server(s) to collect information about their current configuration. We perform a comparison of your results and score them against The Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) Security Configuration Benchmarks. Security Configuration Benchmarks are recommended controls for the hardening of operating systems and software applications.

Vulnerability Scans

Internal and external scans of environment performed to identify common vulnerabilities in hardware or services. Application Specialist Kompany, Enhanced Security Services will only perform vulnerability scans as part of a Risk Assessment.

Risk Assessment

A report detailing the collective results of the Cybersecurity Risk Questionnaire, Baseline Configurations, Vulnerability Scans, evaluation of data, risk probability analysis.

Phishing Campaign

A controlled test of your end-users response to an inert phishing email. Learn more about phishing campaigns.

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