Prioritizing New Business Technology

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New Business Technology New business technology solutions are coming out every day, pledging to make your company more efficient and more profitable. Half the battle is finding the right solution, and the other is paying for it. How does a business owner know which solution to choose? And how do they pay for it? Mike and Amy discuss a recent article from Forbes on this topic and the useful tips the author gives on a recent Bottom Line IT Show.

Useful Tips for New Business Technology

  1. Develop Your Investment Strategy: Have a clearly defined plan for your technology strategy. Many times businesses try to “fly by the seat of their pants” when it comes to technology. Doing that will eliminate your return on return on investment.
  2. Operate Within Your Constraints: Understand that there are natural constraints within any organization. These can be human constraints, time or budget. Identify what constraints your businesses faces and brainstorm strategies to overcome them.
  3. Don’t Overplay Your Hand: There are so many tools available for technology that businesses may be tempted to overdo it and implement massive change. Here at ASK, we use the analogy of Anchor, Paddle and Sail with our new clients. The technology used in the past has been an anchor. With our program, we turn it first into a paddle – moving forward in a slow pattern. Ultimately, technology becomes a sail to propel the business forward.

Implementing New Business Technology

Our business philosophy at ASK has been founded on the thought that technology has to have a return on investment and everything we do at ASK is geared toward that. Technology should always offer more value to your business than cost. To implement new technology, the proper steps need to be taken, users need to be educated and business wide adoption of the technology needs to be obtained. ASK can help you set your technology strategy and start you on the process of “sailing” forward.

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