partners IBM Advanced Business Partner

As an IBM Advanced Business Partner, ASK offers our clients the full depth and breadth of IBM products and solutions. Many of our staff members are former IBM management employees. This gives us a unique relationship with IBM and allows us to help our clients navigate the vast array of IBM resources.

Being an IBM Advanced Business Partner also provides ASK with access to a network of thousands of other Application Vendors and Solution Providers. We are able to utilize this ecosystem to bring best of breed solutions to our clients.

partners Zixcorp

ZixCorp is a market leader in email encryption providing encrypted email solutions for our customers. This service is a cost-effective way to secure sensitive information in email transmissions and help support data loss security policies.

Email is the preferred method of business communication between employees, partners and customers. As businesses exchange more and more personal, and often sensitive, information through email, the threat of data breaches and their associated costs continue to rise.

As a result, federal and state governments have demanded improved data protection and enacted increased regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, The HITECH Act, GLBA and State Data Security Laws (NV, MA and WA). Securing the nonpublic personal information of customers, members, and business partners is no longer simply a value-added service – it’s the law.

partners VMware Partner

VMware’s innovative approach to addressing IT challenges revolutionizes the way technology serves enterprises and individuals. Through their industry-leading cloud infrastructure and management platform, they deliver multiple solutions that drive greater levels of flexibility, quality and performance. The business value gained from VMware solutions fundamentally changes the way enterprises look at IT.

partners TDS partner

When it comes to telcom, ASK is proud to promote our partnership with the seventh largest telcom provider in the US, TDS Telecommunications Corp. For more than 40 years, the company has been connecting people with high-speed Internet, phone, and TV entertainment services in hundreds of rural, suburban, and metropolitan communities across 31 states. Today, TDS has more than 1.1 million equivalent access lines in service and 2,700 employees. Business customers have access to the latest technologies, including: VoIP (managedIP) phone service, dedicated Internet, data networking, and hosted-managed services.

partners Gillware Partner

ASK is proud to be in a partnership with Gillware, offering data recovery services. Gillware Incorporated is located in Madison Wisconsin, specializing in data recovery from troubled hard drives and reliable remote storage solutions for individuals and corporations alike. Founded in 2004 by Brian and Tyler Gill, Gillware’s original mission was to be the best value in the data recovery industry by providing superior data recovery engineering at an extremely competitive cost. Through years of data loss analysis, Gillware has succeeded in developing a robust and scalable remote data backup solution aimed at helping our data recovery clientele avoid any future data loss. Gillware is at the forefront of failure analysis and data recovery techniques for non-volatile (solid state) storage devices. Gillware has been a member of the Better Business Bureau for over 5 years and has maintained an “A” rating since joining. Gillware Inc. is an active member of IDEMA, an organization committed to advancing hard drive technology.


Across the board Cisco is delivering networked architectures to help customers achieve their business goals faster and with less risk. Their range of products is extremely broad and their reputation for quality is second to none.

partners Symantec

In October of 2004, ASK proudly announced our partnership with Symantec. Symantec is the leading provider of managed email and web security services for business. Operating at the internet level, Symantec offers industry-leading protection against spam, viruses, and other unwanted content for thousands of organizations worldwide. Symantec managed services are backed by a multi-million dollar infrastructure spanning four continents, which proactively protects your business from global threats on a local level.

partners Network Appliance, Inc.

Network Appliance, Inc. (NetApp) is a world leader in unified storage solutions for today’s data-intensive enterprise. Since its inception in 1992, Network Appliance has delivered technology, product, and partner firsts that simplify data management. NetApp© storage solutions include specialized hardware, software, and services, providing seamless storage management for open network environments.

partners Vision Solutions, Inc..

ASK is proud to be a provider for Vision Solutions, Inc.. Vision is the world’s leading provider of high availability, disaster recovery and data management solutions for the IBM® System i and System p markets. With a portfolio that spans the industry’s most innovative and trusted HA brands, Vision’s iTera™, MIMIX® and ORION™ solutions keep business-critical information continuously protected and available. Affordable and easy to use, Vision products help to ensure business continuity, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and satisfy compliance requirements.

partners US Signal

US Signal is dedicated to becoming the premier telecommunications infrastructure provider of network services, IP transport and collocation facilities to our customers in the Midwest. The US Signal team is committed to providing our customers with flexible, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to meet their varied connectivity needs. Our mission is founded on the principle of building long-term, trustworthy relationships with our customers. Our goal is to allow our customers to better serve their customers, through the use of metro and long haul networks, by bringing them closer together in their strategic markets.

partners Online Technologies Corporation

ASK is a proud partner with Online Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of Internet infrastructure and managed services. Honored by the Edward Lowe Foundation as on of the “50 companies to watch in Michigan”, OTC provides tremendous value for customers who desire to utilize IT resources as a service. OTC provides data center hosting, co-location, internet, telecommunications, and hardened disaster recovery and high availability solutions. Customers have found that migrating their infrastructure to a pay by the service and pay by the use model provides both freedom from capital cost burdens as well as the flexibility to operate a real time IT infrastructure. For an analysis of how this may benefit your organization, please contact your ASK Representative.

partners Sherpa Software

Sherpa Software is a privately held company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a worldwide distribution channel. Sherpa designs and develops groupware utility software targeted to provide Archiving, Email Management, Policy Enforcement and Content Discovery functionality that is not inherent within IBM Lotus Notes or Microsoft Exchange. Since our inception, Sherpa has effectively answered the needs of many Fortune 100 companies. With products that address compliance, legal liability, storage and content management, we have allowed our clients to reduce costs, minimize administration time, mitigate liabilities and secure information. We have earned a solid reputation as a leading software provider that offers unparalleled customer service and support. We pride ourselves on the close relationships we share with our customers and work hard to be responsive to their needs.

Our mission: 100% customer commitment. Listen to the needs of our clients, offer the right solution and support its growth.

partners InterForm

ASK has had a long term partnership with InterForm. InterForm is a leading solution provider for print management. As an OEM supplier of connectivity solutions to many of the world’s major printer manufacturers, InterForm’s job is to make sure that computers, networks and printers all speak the same language. InterForm’s flagship product – Artform400 offers iSeries customers cost savings, flexibility, and independence in their print management and distribution processes.

partners WatchGuard Technologies

ASK is proud to partner with WatchGuard Technologies. WatchGuard has provided reliable, easy to manage security appliances to hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. The WatchGuard family of solutions provides the best combination of strong, reliable, multi-layered security with the best ease of use in its class. ASK believes strongly in this product and has experienced great success with it. ASK has successfully implemented WatchGuard in dozens of business accounts across the state of Michigan. The products are backed by LiveSecurity® Service, a ground-breaking support and maintenance program. WatchGuard is a privately owned company, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

partners StoneFly, Inc.

ASK is proud to partner with StoneFly, Inc. StoneFly™ is the innovator of powerful, cost-effective IP Storage products for departments, mid-tier workgroups, and enterprise organizations. Stonefly IP SAN among other features, includes features such as Snapshot, Mirroring, Encryption, and asynchronous mirroring that provides advanced disaster recovery. The heart of StoneFly IP SAN products is an award winning software called StoneFusion™ Intelligent Network Platform. This platform includes advanced Storage Network Management, storage provisioning, centralized volume management, data migration and storage consolidation. All of StoneFly’s range of physical and virtual IP SAN appliances is protected by StoneFly’s Storage Virtualization Patents as certified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (Patent #: 7302500, 7555586, 7558885, 8069292).

In addition to IP Storage Solutions, StoneFly has created a series of Unified Storage and Server USS™ and Unified Scale Out USO™ products that they all include StoneFly’s IP SAN and provide a one stop solution to consolidate their whole data center into one appliance. StoneFly is a member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and the founding member of the IP Storage Institute (IPSI).

partners Spectorsoft

ASK is proud to promote our partnership with Spectorsoft. SpectorSoft develops, markets and supports PC/Internet monitoring and surveillance products for business, education, government and general home users. Recognizing that corporations, schools and families need to know how people are using their PCs and what they are doing on the Internet, SpectorSoft was founded to provide the first useful and intuitive recording and playback products for Windows and Mac OS based computers. Their flagship product, Spector 360, recently won the PC Magazine Editor\’s Choice Award.