Part 2: White Hat Hackers – Using Their Powers for Good

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Imagine a room which held the three following people: the nation’s leading hackers, the Pentagon’s chief of training and an Air Force Academy Professor who teaches cyber skills to cadets. One may picture some interesting conversations, to say the least.

One point they will all agree on is that the government’s approach to cyber security is coming up short.pentagon-660

They acknowledge that in order to teach cyber defense you must have a thorough understanding and expertise in cyber offense. Since cyber is all about breaking the rules, and if you want to try and break cyber defense into a series of check-box requirements, you will ultimately fail.

The Fifth Domain, which is what the military (joining air, land, sea and space) refers to cyber as, is not like the others. In cyber, there is no high ground and the weapon you wield today may not even exist tomorrow.

Conquering the cyber challenge is difficult, as it is complex and fluid. Hackers are changing their tactics everyday, at to be successful in beating them, the military must change their approach. Trying to define or contain the hackers and their method is a continuous battle for the military.

The military needs to be an expert in cyber offense and think like the hackers. In order to beat the hackers they have to understand the hackers and their mindset.

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