Motives behind ransomwareWhat are the real motives behind ransomware attacks? Most experts believe most ransomware attacks can be traced back to money, but some experts are now saying that might not always be the case. NotPetya, an attack that targeted the Ukraine this past June, was built for speed, as it spread across systems, exploiting a single unprotected machine to then infect machines across a network. According to managing director of global incident response at Accenture Security, “They are no longer collecting a ransom. They are just being destructive.” You can read more about this from Harvey here.

Josh Gembala, Enhanced Security Services Manager and resident cybersecurity expert at ASK has a different take on the NotPetya ransomware.  On this segment of the Bottom Line IT show, Mike and Josh discuss the motives behind Ransomware.  Are they changing?  Is it always about money?

According to Josh, the financial motive is usually the primary driver behind these attacks. Although NotPetya may not have had a financial motive, this one instance does not represent a change in the driving factors behind ransomware.

Experts have said that in 2016 alone, criminals made over one billion dollars in ransomware alone. We know that most ransomware crimes go unreported so that number stands to be a lot higher. Josh states that more ransomware attacks are bound to happen. There is still a lot of money to be made by criminals off these kinds of attacks.

“We are in the middle of a war, a cybersecurity war with the bad guys fighting the good guys…” according to Mike, “and ASK will keep fighting the fight.” If you need help with cybersecurity for your business, contact us today. ASK Security Enhanced Security Services can help.

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