Recently, our CEO Mike Maddox was invited to be a guest on the Michigan Reimagined podcast hosted by Chris Buck.

As a previous economic development director for Meridian Township and the current Senior Managing Director and COO for Martin Commercial Properties, Chris’s podcast features conversations with local business leaders working to drive Michigan’s vibrancy and economic sustainability.

During their conversation, Mike and Chris talk about the growing need for third-party IT assistance and cybersecurity (especially as Michigan’s businesses wade through the COVID-19 pandemic).

Many businesses share a common belief that they’re not an ideal target for cybercriminals. Instead, they believe cybercriminals are more interested in companies that are (larger than them, smaller than them, sell different products than them, the list goes on). Mike addresses this false belief head-on. He says,

“It’s not like the burglar who walks into the neighborhood and says, ‘I’m going to pick that house because it’s the biggest and has the nicest stuff,’ Cybercriminals can pick every house and they can do it in the blink of an eye.”

Listen to the full episode here:

Listen to "Ep. 104: Cyber-Security and IT Challenges with Work-From-Home" on Spreaker.

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