Managed Print Solutions Streamlines Print Operations

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With our recent partnership with AOS, we are excited to now offer our clients Managed Print Solutions. But what exactly is Managed Print Solutions and why does it matter?

Managed Print Solutions is a business solution that manages your print devices and supplies. With Managed Print Solutions, AOS is able to track your toner usage, document output, and support applications tied to your print operations. In addition, you receive an elevated level of customer support and service with their incredible service team.

Why does Managed Print Solutions matter?

According to Gartner, an average of 1-3% of a company’s annual revenues are spent on document production. That is a good chunk of change dedicated to printing alone. Even more shocking, 90% of businesses don’t know how much they spend on printing and associated costs each year. These two stats support the argument that your print operations should be tracked and managed.

There are ways to streamline and reduce your print expenses each year, and Managed Print Solutions is how we can do that. It’s important to know your current situation and how much you’re currently spending. Through an assessment and print audit, we can evaluate and find areas we can reduce your print costs. It can actually help cut your print spending by 30%. As business owners, we are always looking for ways to cut our expenses!

How does Managed Print Solutions tie in with technology?

Our print devices are connected to the network, and more importantly, there are applications tied to our devices. So much is intertwined with our network, desktops and print devices that it can make our head spin. This solution helps untangle the mess and provides us with a greater, smarter, solution to managing our print operations and getting a handle on our print costs.

What is included?

While each solution is designed based on our client’s specific needs, some of the basics of a managed print solution includes:

  1. Reporting & Analysis:
  • Service call history report
  • Supply orders report
  • Device utilization report
  • List of devices and utilization charts
  • Average monthly copy/print volume
  • Analyze usage, deployment, and overall performance of print environment
  1. Management & Monitoring:
  • Live help desk support
  • On-site service and support from trained and certified technicians
  • On-line access to service call status/history
  • Automatic supply ordering and shipment
  • Proactive network maintenance
  1. Help Desk Support:
  • Printing or scanning software-related issues as it applies to the images
  • Changes to your network such as IP address changes.
  • New or upgraded end-user software

Interested in how Managed Print Solutions can work for you?

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