Companies need the ability to detect security vulnerabilities and breaches. To meet this need they look to security information and event management (SIEM) applications, which aggregate system logs, network data and user behavior, and perform contextual security analytics. However, traditional SIEM deployments rarely achieve their objectives. They are costly, difficult to deploy, and produce excessive false alerts. As a result, SIEM applications often end up as shelfware within six months.

What mid-market companies really need to combat cybercrime is a capable yet affordable security operations center (SOC). ASK-SOC provides companies with the capabilities of a world-class SOC, staffed by security experts, delivered as a service. The ASK service is powered by a proprietary cloud based SIEM that leverages Web 2.0 technologies such as big data, Elasticsearch and machine learning. ASK provides extensive cybersecurity at a fraction of the cost of what a company would spend to build out a SOC on its own.

Live Security Monitoring focuses specifically on protecting the company’s network and the devices on the network.

  • Full 24×7 Network Traffic Monitoring

  • O365 Monitoring

  • Full SIEM and SOC

  • Dedicated Security Engineer and Michigan Based Enhanced Security Team

Live Security Monitoring is ideal for Businesses that:

  • Are Looking to protect their entire network from Ransomware and Cyber Attack

  • Do not have the ability to hire a full staff of security professionals

  • Are under audit or industry certification requirements

  • Want to develop a plan for continuous improvement of their security footprint in order to keep pace with the changing threat landscape

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