Times Warner Cable Learns a Lesson in Data Security

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In early January, Time Warner Cable Inc announced a possible data breach of up to 320,000 customer email passwords. This likely occurred through malware that was downloaded during phishing attacks, or indirectly through data breaches of other companies storing Time Warner Cable’s customer information.

The FBI brought it to the attention of Time Warner Cable that this breach had occurred. For the size of Time Warner, it is likely that they have staff member dedicated to IT and data security. A phishing attack, which can be as simple as an email sent out to customers, can be done by a sneaky hacker. Something that is well planned out, such as this attack, can be difficult for an IT security personnel to detect, until it is too late.  times warner cable learns a lesson in data security

At ASK we implement the highest of security methods (anti-virus, malware protections) to prevent attacks like this from happening. But we also go one step further. We have created an enhanced security analysis service which has a phishing component to it. ASK, during a trial run, experienced an attack which creating this service. It can be difficult to tell if a link is legitimate or spam, often causing users to be mislead into entering personal information to a hacker.

Even when there are strong security measures put in place, there are hackers who know how to work around these walls. That is why it is important to have security policies in place for wireless connections, emails, and other channels that are susceptible to these hacks. In these policies, include tips such as encouraging employees to change passwords often, and making sure that any device that has private data is protected.

If you feel as though your company is not securing data properly, contact ASK for a consultation.

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