Managed IT Services

Relax! You are not alone.

Managing and troubleshooting desktops, networks, servers and ASK Managed ServicesIT security is rarely seen as a core activity by SMBs. Some questions which come to your mind are “Does hiring a full-time IT support specialist make sense? Can I pay a predictable monthly price rather than being at the mercy of IT support charges paid by the hour? How can I reduce downtime, poor performance and IT security breaches without paying through the nose?”

Customer Benefits

ASK believes in proactive monitoring and preventive maintenance. We work towards making your systems work optimally. This sets you free from all the worries of cost and downtime and allows you to focus on your core business. You get affordable bills delivered consistently. Some of the benefits you get from ASK Total Care are:

“Our average time to resolve an IT problem from start to finish is 22 minutes.”

Preventive approach and quick response

  • Reduce downtime and security issues by over 70% via proactive management.
  • Cut the attend time to a problem to minutes versus several hours via our remote management technology.

“We have been able to resolve 93% of IT issues remotely and proactively.”

Access to top notch expertise

  • Your IT infrastructure is supported by a team of highly specialized and experienced engineers working from our Network Operations Center in Lansing. You are relieved from being at the mercy of a technology “generalist” by using our Michigan-based IT services.

“On average, we have delivered savings of more than 35% to our customers in terms of IT support costs.”

Access to superior IT
management technology 24x7x365

  • Supported through an IT management platform providing similar services enjoyed by companies such as Sony, LG and Carnegie Mellon.
  • Utilizing an integrated set of tools to proactively monitor, manage and protect your network.

Allows you to focus on your
business instead of IT management

  • A predictable monthly cost that can be budgeted with no surprises.
  • Eliminates the need to build in-house expertise on IT infrastructure and security technology.
  • Provides economies of scale that let small and medium businesses get Fortune 500 class IT management and technical support at an affordable cost.

Access to hardware

  • You can choose to install ASK-owned hardware at your facility
  • ASK does all monitoring and maintenance
  • If the hardware breaks down or becomes outdated, ASK is responsible for decommissioning it and replacing it.


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