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We have all heard about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, but what about the technology side of this commotion? Emails can be deleted, or emails on a server can be wiped.  But where did the investigated emails go? The FBI has her private email server, and they’re going through the history, looking for exposures or breaches that could have happened from a hacker. Some may ask if having a private email server a good idea if you’re a politician? That’s up for debate.

It’s reported that Clinton’s server was “wiped,” but what actually happened with the emails has yet to be confirmed. Wiping a server is not difficult from a technical stand point, in fact, it is a straightforward process. However, if the emails were deleted, but not wiped, the FBI will be able to trace them. The FBI is looking at three different scenarios: the emails were deleted, which means they are still accessible and intrusion may have occurred; the emails were wiped, which would allow for traces of the email deeper inside the hard drive; or the entire hard drive got wiped, which means that the information is lost and the FBI may not be able to locate it.

If you understand the differences between these, you probably have a good idea of how your company’s IT team has set up their servers. If you don’t know the last time your server has been backed up at a workplace, or know of a virus and spam protection plan, contact your IT team or Just ASK to make sure your IT security solutions are up to par.