ASK takes a unique approach to the IT hardware, software, and application products that we represent. Most IT companies try to maximize their profit through margin optimization on product sales. As one of our core values states, “we believe that technology has no intrinsic value of its own for a business – its value is derived from its ability to increase profit, reduce cost, or create efficiency.”

Making sure your IT hardware, software and applications are making your staff more productive is incredibly important. When technology itself slows down processes, it’s time to have a closer look at the root problem. Sometimes all that is needed is a hardware refresh or a software update.

Our team of solutions specialists will scope out the best solution for you.

ASK is a service-focused company with a belief that we should only offer hardware solutions that:

  • Offer a measurable return on investment for our clients

  • Have been quoted through multiple distributors to obtain the lowest price for our clients

  • Have gone through our ASK Technical Assurance process to ensure that they meet our standards for business class hardware

Our philosophy leads to lower prices and higher ROI for our clients. ASK is not dependent on IT hardware/software/application sales for our income. We represent only the most price-competitive and reliable hardware, software, and application in the industry.

Contact us to discuss your IT hardware, software and applications!