Coetic HRWhat does technology and behavioral science have to do with managing effective teams and running a successful business? Well, quite a lot!

In this episode of Bottom Line IT, Mike sits down with Rick Deshon who is the president of Coetic HR, a company that leverages what they know about people and tech to create tools that transform organizations into places where employees love coming to work.

Rick has a long history in the field of organizational science with 20+ years of consulting experience working with management and leadership teams to improve the effectiveness of their organization.

When talking about the backstory of his company, Rick explained his desire to have “more impact” which inspired him and his wife to found Coetic HR.

This marriage of technology and behavioral science was something that intrigued Mike right off the bat! And why wouldn’t it? Rick explains that the Coetic model brings, “deep expertise, evidence-based practices from organizational science and embeds them in technology so that they’re available and support the discipline that we know makes organizations successful!”

As the conversation continues, Rick and Mike dive deeper into Coetic’s four major areas of business including consulting, purposeful facilities, custom HR software solutions, and the Organizational Effectiveness System (which is a brand new flagship product Coetic recently released).

Want to learn more about Coetic HR and the solutions they offer businesses?

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