Technology should be a vehicle that helps you run your business more efficiently. But how do you begin to figure out what software solutions are the right fit for your company?

On this episode of Bottom Line IT, Mike Maddox sits down with Bryan Blackburn and Anne Leighty of The Phoenix Group, LLC, a company that helps businesses across all industries get connected with the right software solutions or vendors for their organization.

The Phoenix GroupMake no mistake, software selection is complex! That’s why Bryan and Anne leverage what they know about business processes and technology so they can help their clients weigh every option from all sides. Their goal? To help you select the perfect solution for your business AND equip you with a plan for implementing that solution successfully.

As the conversation continues, Bryan and Anne talk about the immense value they see in not being tied down to a specific software or application. That allows them to thoughtfully guide their clients while keeping their best interest in mind every step of the way.

The range of solutions they connect their clients with include anything from CRM systems to ERP systems and HRIS systems. They can also help develop RFP processes from the creation of the RFP to the bid comparisons and comparing options apples-to-apples.

One of the highlights of their discussion was about Phoenix Group’s company culture and unique value propositions. Bryan and Anne point out that while many companies like to use token words like “transparency” and “ethics,” these values are truly engrained in their company. Like ASK, The Phoenix Group believes wholeheartedly in doing the right thing. For their employees and for their clients.

You can listen to their full conversation on the Bottom Line IT podcast below: