Honda On June 19th Honda, one of the largest auto makers in the world, joined Nissan and Renault SA as car manufacturers who had factories attacked by WannaCry. Despite Honda’s efforts to protect its network systems in May in response to WannaCry’s spread,  attack created a temporary shutdown at Honda’s Sayama Plant near Tokyo.  Amy and Erik discuss how a ransomware attack like Honda’s can cost a business millions in ransom payments, downtime, and PR hits.

The company discovered the ransomware had made its way through the company’s networks in Japan, North America, Europe, China, and other regions. A vulnerability was found by WannaCry at a plant northwest of Tokyo that the hackers were able to capitalize on. Although Honda was not able to prevent it from hitting, they were able to respond quickly.  Operations at the Sayama plant did shut down but went back to normal the next day. The shutdown caused a total of approximately 1,000 units to not be produced as planned. Read more about the attack here.

Although the shutdown was short-lived, it still made the news which can be a PR nightmare. You’d expect a large corporation like Honda to spend millions of dollars on their cybersecurity defenses, and they might, but a vulnerability was still found. It is hard to know how this will affect the sale of Honda cars. Will consumers want to purchase a Honda, after hearing this news? If hackers can infiltrate a plant, will consumers be wondering about the safety of the car?  Will they move past a Honda and choose to purchase a different car?

Imagine how this kind of PR could affect a small to mid-market business. Not only would the cyber attack itself hurt the business, but the after-effects would be devastating. Don’t let that happen to your business. Small to mid-market need the ability to detect security vulnerabilities and breaches.  A capable yet affordable security operations center (SOC) is needed to combat cyber crime. ASK’s Live Security Monitoring provides companies with the capabilities of a world-class SOC, staffed by security experts, delivered as a service. Learn more about ASK’s Live Security Monitoring here.

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