Data breaches reached all-time highs in 2016 and they continue to rise each year. While this is alarming, the real story is that the situation is even worse, as most cyber breaches go unreported or under-reported. Listen as Mike and Amy discuss this alarming trend in this segment of the Bottom Line IT.

According to a study done by the Identity Theft Resource Center, there was a 40% increase in data breaches of US companies and government agencies in 2016 over 2015. Spending on security related hardware and services reached 74 billion in 2016.  This number is expected to rise to 90 billion by the year 2018.

Thedata Breaches se numbers are shocking, but ultimately, we do not know the full scope, as the vast majority of cyber breaches are under-reported or do not get reported at all. The data that is most commonly breached is social security numbers, account logins, and passwords. This is most commonly accomplished through phishing scams when employees are tricked into clicking on a link that will expose sensitive data.

User education is key to help eliminate these data breaches. It is very important to make information on how to identify data breaches part of employee trainings and employee review processes. Hacking has become a seriously big business with organized criminal gangs that are working to steal your information to ultimately make money.

The professionals at ASK know the steps you need to take to protect your company and your sensitive data.  We can help educate your employees and make sure your company has the protection it needs to fight against data breaches.

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