WCyber-Attack e know that cyber security rank as the #1 concern for small businesses and more than 80% of CEO’s are aware that the threat of cyber-attacks is continuously going up. What is surprising is that recent research tells us that most CEO’s are naïve to their companies’ ability to handle these cyber threats. Many CEO’s are underestimating their companies’ cyber vulnerabilities. An article posted on information-management.com tells us that cyber-attacks are up and financial losses associated with these attacks are dramatically increasing. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that losses from cyber-attacks will rise from 500 billion in 2014 to 2 trillion by 2018.

Mike and Erik discuss the severity of these cyber-attacks and the importance of being prepared to address them in this segment of the February 7th episode of the Bottom Line IT Show. The traditional methods to fight these cyber crime; malware, virus detectors and firewalls are still needed. These protections will stop 99% of the attacks. But it is the 1% that gets in that is really bad and can do the most damage. This is where most businesses fail to protect themselves.

How to Protect Against Cyber-Attacks

To protect against that 1%, companies need to have live security monitoring. This is a proactive method of monitoring the companies’ environment 24 hours a day. Machine analytics and data intelligence will oversee all the millions of hits that come into a company each day and separate the bad ones from the good ones. Larger enterprises have their own SOC’s or security operations centers. Small and medium-sized businesses can not afford to house their own and need to rely on an affordable SOC. Many small and medium-sized companies are turning to ASK for help.

ASK’s SOC provides companies with the capabilities of a world-class SOC, staffed by security experts, delivered as a service. The ASK service is powered by a proprietary cloud-based SIEM that leverages Web 2.0 technologies such as big data, Elasticsearch and machine learning. ASK provides extensive cyber security at a fraction of the cost of what a company would spend to build out a SOC on its own. Learn more about our SOC here.

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