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Crystal creates a unique profile for anyone with a LinkedIn account, explaining how to speak, email, work with or sell to them most effectively. With disconcerting specificity, it tells you the “words, phrases, style and tone you should use to reach the recipient in the way that they like to communicate, rather than your own.”

It builds this profile from what it can glean about them online: their public Facebook or blog posts, their tweets and the other bits and pieces we all leave like a trail of breadcrumbs behind us as we go about our business on the internet. It digs deep into someone’s internet profile, which many are calling innovative but super creepy.

For a sum, Crystal will even draft emails to people you’ve never met, using a tone and language that their online presence suggests will resonate with them. Crystal acknowledges that empathy is what separates a great communicator for the rest, in an age where communication is so easy with the help of technology. Each person has a different personality, and you have to understand that personality in order to build healthy, productive relationships.

Sometimes, when communicate with others, we don’t know what type of humor is going to appropriate or what sarcasm is going to be taken literally. Luckily, Crystal has your back. The tool credits itself as the “best improvement to email since spellcheck.”

There has been a bit of backlash from the new Crystal program, mainly stemming off of the idea that the sender is hiding their personality and faking a persona in order to transform into someone on the other end will like.

Have you tried out this app that claims to know how you like to be spoken to better than you do yourself? For information on the Crystal email app, check out their site.