The aftermath of the recent WannaCry ransomware is still being felt. This ransomware affected more than 300,000 PCs over 150 countries. This got a lot of publicity and started many people outside of tech talking about the security of their data and thinking about how well they would be able to fend off a similar attack.  Security provider Carbon Black did a study and based on responses from 5,000 people, 57 percent of consumers said WannaCry was their first exposure to how ransomware works.

Here are five more takeaways from the report:

  1. 52% of consumers said they would be very likely to pay a ransom to get their data back. 12% were even willing to pay $500 or more. This is not the recommended response. Often times when you pay the ransom, the data is not returned to you, or it is returned with a virus or a “back door” to allow the hacker to get back in and exhort more from you.
  2. The majority of consumers think the company affected by the ransomware need to bear the brunt of the damage. They place the blame on the company affected vs. the criminal.
  3. Consumers are more trusting of healthcare and financial firms. In reality, these are the type of companies that are most at risk. They typically have outdated systems in place and lag behind other companies in terms of security.
  4. The study found that consumers are unforgiving of security slip-ups. 72% would consider leaving their financial institution, 68% would switch health care providers and 70% would stop using a retailer if hit by ransomware.
  5. Consumers are most protective of their personal data and photos, but not so much their medical records. Medical records are far more valuable in the dark web. They have everything a criminal needs to attack you; your mother’s maiden name, address, employer, etc.

Business owners that work with consumers need to be aware of the public perception regarding ransomware and security. Companies need the ability to detect security vulnerabilities and breaches in order to protect their customers. ASK’s security operations center can help. ASK provides companies with the capabilities of a world-class SOC, staffed by security experts, delivered as a service. Learn more about our Enhanced Security Services here.


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