Computer Convinces Users It’s Human

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computer convinces users

The streak of Mike and Matt comes to an end just like the Miami Heat, but don’t fret! Amy steps back in the studio with Matt to host Bottom Line IT! They bring you the latest technology news for business on the Michigan Business Network. Topics include a Computer convinces users it’s human by Passing the Turing Test, Ways that Mobile is Transforming Health Care, Google Not Being Able to Protect Our Privacy, a Microscope Made of Paper and more! We also check in with ASK’s Just Ask Paul so be sure to tune in!


Technology Topics Discussed:

  • Computer Passes “Turing Test” for the First Time After Convincing Users it is Human
  • ‘Smart’ Football Helmet May Help Detect Concussions
  • 10 Ways Mobile is Transforming Health Care
  • Google Can’t Protect Our Privacy – Why We Need New Laws
  • Google Buried a Clever Jab at the NSA Inside Its New Encryption Tool
  • This Microscope is Made Largely from Paper

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