Chat Encryption Services, Apple Sales, and Music Streaming Wars

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Encryption services

Tech Run Down:

  • Apple raised some hype by stating that they were going to be on pace to have a record opening weekend for iPhone 6s sales. However, analyst Gene Munster stated that Apple’s positivity is more about production than demand. Apple realizes that demand is high enough that the can sell as many units as the company can make, in turn increasing their production numbers. While there is no debating that the iPhone has been dominating cell phone sales, the use of the phrase ‘record setting’ here is a bit stretched.
  • Google has been found guilty of violating Russian antitrust regulations. Due to the way that Google bundles its own apps with Android operating system, Russian’s Federal Antimonopoly Service says Google is “abusing its dominant market position.”
  • Spotify, a music streaming service, states that it is growing faster due to the launch of rival Apple Music. Spotify says that as more competition arises, there is more awareness of music streaming technology. Google chairman Eric Schmidt took a veiled attack on Apple Music. He says Apple uses “elite-taste makers” to choose what music gets streamed onto stations.
  • Symphony, a new messaging system offered for bankers, promises “secure, compliant messaging.” This is something the banking industry lacked, as they continually ran into security and encryption security issues with other instant messaging services. Symphony chats also offers encryption services, meaning only those involved can read them. Originally, chats logs would be deleted, but after backlash they promised to keep logs and de-encryption keys.

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