Chad Rensi, CFO CentralStar Cooperative, Inc

CentralStar has only been around since May 1st of this year (2019).  We have four locations in Michigan and in Wisconsin. And it was a combination of two co-ops in the Ag Industry. We were sister organizations and we merged on May 1st.

What’s really blown me away about ASK, is how fun and easy they are to work with. They help with cybersecurity, setting up new computers, the helpdesk on top of our internal staff so it really complements so that all aspects of our IT are covered.

We really leverage technology to accomplish a lot and even in the Ag industry technology is just becoming more and more all the time. As we’ve hit different stages in the merger or with the company and different issues have come up they’ve leveraged different members of the team to bring resources that we needed at that time.

Mike’s a great leader and it really shows I think the team that he’s built here.

CentralStar Cooperative