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Ford and GM Investing in Self Driving Technology

Posted date: February 2, 2016

  Why drive a car when a car can drive itself? That is what Ford Motor Company and General Motors are asking. Ford Motor Co recently announced that is going to increase the number of self-driving test cars to 30 vehicles, in hopes of advancing t ...

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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Posted date: September 29, 2015

In an age where most business happens online, not showing up in Google search results can really hurt you. While there’s no real shortcut to showing up consistently on web searches, there are a few quick fixes to get your site to show up on your po ...

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Windows 10 Release, & More – Bottom Line IT

Posted date: September 21, 2015

This week on Tech Rundown: Microsoft’s website is only offering a 10 year support period for the new Windows 10 release. Does this mean that they aren’t expecting a long life cycle period for Windows 10? Some assumed that this would be t ...

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Will Google Deliver Driverless Cars in the Next 5 Years?

Posted date: June 2, 2015

After millions of miles of test driving (with no at-fault accidents), Google thinks it can begin producing and selling fully autonomous automobiles by 2020. Many existing automakers have integrated automated features such as guided parking, lane moni ...

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Microsoft Debuts Azure Stack, Windows Update at Ignite

Posted date: May 20, 2015

Initial Reaction to Microsoft’s Ignite Announcements – What Will it Mean for Business? Microsoft recently debuted Windows Update for Business, Azure Stack, and new organizational analytics features in the Office Delve app at their Ignite ente ...

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ZMap Scans the Entire Internet In Less Than 1 Hour

Posted date: April 24, 2015

ZMap, a software tool developed by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan, can scan the entirety of the internet in under an hour  to reveal details about the roughly 4 billion devices online. ZMap has been used to measure the scope  ...

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Tech Apps for the Best Deals and Gifts Under $100!

Posted date: December 17, 2014

Amy and Erik bring you Bottom Line IT this week with the latest technology news on the Michigan Business Network. Show topics this week include having the best tech apps to find deals: Best Tech Gifts Under $100, Sony Hack, Microsoft Challenging US S ...

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Bottom Line IT – discusses Preventing Texting

Posted date: December 10, 2012

This weekend Mike and Matt were discussing today’s HOT topics in Technology. Also, some invaluable tips and information from Paul. Technology Topics Discussed: Security Software that Scans your Eyes Will Your Next Business Card be a USB Drive? ...

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