Will Google Deliver Driverless Cars in the Next 5 Years?

After millions of miles of test driving (with no at-fault accidents), Google thinks it can begin producing and selling fully autonomous automobiles by 2020. Many existing automakers have integrated automated features such as guided parking, lane monitoring, and wakefulness alerts.  But Google want to make the leap to fully autonomous [...]

Microsoft Debuts Azure Stack, Windows Update at Ignite

Initial Reaction to Microsoft’s Ignite Announcements - What Will it Mean for Business? Microsoft recently debuted Windows Update for Business, Azure Stack, and new organizational analytics features in the Office Delve app at their Ignite enterprise-oriented conference in Chicago. ASK works with clients such as Granger, Neogen, & Alro Steel [...]

ZMap Scans the Entire Internet In Less Than 1 Hour

ZMap, a software tool developed by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan, can scan the entirety of the internet in under an hour  to reveal details about the roughly 4 billion devices online. ZMap has been used to measure the scope of significant flaws across the connected universe, [...]