Social Media

ASK Adds Marketing Solutions to Service Offerings.

Posted date: March 8, 2018

Technology continues to make its way into every aspect of our businesses. Each department of a company is dependent on the availability and functionality of its technology. At some point over the last 5 years, we realized that we were no longer a tec ...

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Will Big Data Change How You Use Social Media?

Posted date: October 11, 2017

What is big data? How may it change how you use social media? Erik and Mike discussed what big data is and whether its impact on social media may affect things like life insurance policies and loans. Big data is exactly what it sounds like: massive v ...

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Microsoft and Facebook Take Measures Combat Cyber Threats

Posted date: April 12, 2017

Why are major companies investing so heavily in Cybersecurity?  Mike and Amy discuss the new plans Microsoft and Facebook have made in this segment of the BLIT. Learn more about what your business should be doing regarding two-factor authentication ...

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Do You Use Proper LinkedIn Etiquette?

Posted date: May 19, 2015

LinkedIn Etiquette – Are you Violating the Etiquette Rules?  While both Facebook and LinkedIn are social networks, LinkedIn etiquette differs from Facebook etiquette in several specific ways.  As its role in professional circles grows, users ...

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Social Media in Business

Posted date: November 25, 2014

Mike and Matt bring you Bottom Line IT this week with the latest technology news on the Michigan Business Network. Show topics this week include best practices of social media in business: Kim Kardashian Breaking the Internet, The Honk App, Alarming ...

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