Webinar: Famous Hacker on Email Security

Our email encryption partner, Zix, will be having a conversation about the inherent email security with the world's most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick, on June 17th, 2015. This notorious black hat turned white hat hacker will share thought-provoking insight on the simplicity of hacking unencrypted email, even demonstrating an optical [...]

Identity Theft – Do They Live/Work Next Door

Criminals are using sophisticated, consumer-style marketplaces to buy and sell credit card and personal identity information. Last year, security researcher Brian Krebs reported that over 1 million of the credit card numbers stolen from Target in its high-profile hacking breach had appeared for sale on various black-market sites such as [...]

ZMap Scans the Entire Internet In Less Than 1 Hour

ZMap, a software tool developed by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan, can scan the entirety of the internet in under an hour  to reveal details about the roughly 4 billion devices online. ZMap has been used to measure the scope of significant flaws across the connected universe, [...]