Bundling Services

Is That A Business Continuity Plan in Your Pocket…Or A Bunch of Jargon?

Posted date: December 29, 2015

Is That a Business Continuity Plan in Your Pocket or a Bunch of Jargon? Technology is full of difficult jargon. To further complicate things, certain terms are often used in a different context between one publication or service provider and the next ...

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US Cyber Security with China, & More – Bottom Line IT

Posted date: September 21, 2015

On this edition of Tech Talk: President Obama expected to talk to China’s President Xi regarding cyber security. Obama administration is making an effort to stop China’s cyber hacks with a ‘Great Cyber Wall.’  They say that t ...

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Bottom Line IT: Cyber Security a Bigger Focus

Posted date: May 18, 2015

  Federal Reserve Governor Pushing for Less Restrictive Oversight on Community Banks so that They Can Focus on Core Business and Cyber Security Issues According to Bloomberg, many of the Dodd-Frank law provisions, passed after the 2008 subprime ...

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Bottom Line IT features Challenger Technologies

Posted date: May 1, 2015

  Bottom Line IT: In-Studio Guest: Carl Wesolek of Challenger Technologies Challenger Technologies is a Jackson-based provider of fiber solutions for data, voice, and video customers. Click to listen below: ...

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Computer Convinces Users It’s Human

Posted date: June 20, 2014

The streak of Mike and Matt comes to an end just like the Miami Heat, but don’t fret! Amy steps back in the studio with Matt to host Bottom Line IT! They bring you the latest technology news for business on the Michigan Business Network. Top ...

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Bottom Line IT talks FBI goes digital

Posted date: August 6, 2012

Mike Maddox and Matt Kolberg discuss the latest technology news. Technology Topics Discussed: Twitter Olympics FTC Announces New Online Measures for Underage The FBI Goes Digital – FINALLY! Ex-Hacker Reveals the Secrets of Social Engineering Te ...

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