How Much Should Your Business Spend on IT Security and Management?

Consider how much a typical business spends on the following: Coffee, soda, bottled water - $9 per employee per month Printing - $14 per employee per month Cleaning services - $25 per employee per month Office and employee supplies - $90 per employee per month While these amounts will vary from company to company, its fair [...]

Defense Department Seeks Help From Silicon Valley

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has made overtures to top companies in Silicon Valley, seeking collaborative partnerships to better protect the US from cyber-attacks. But not everyone is eager to help: many companies are still suspicious of working with the federal government in the wake of the Snowden revelations.  This outreach [...]

Bottom Line IT – with Mike Bass From Friedland Industries

The only show with the latest technology news for business on the Michigan Business Network. Mike and Matt host Bottom Line IT w/Special Guest Mike Bass from Friedland Industries. Show topics this week: Pres. Obama Signs Executive Order on Sharing Cybersecurity Information, Hacker Ring Steals up to $1B from Banks, [...]