Password Manager App “LastPass” Discloses Breach

LastPass is a well-known password manager which offers users a central place to store passwords and helps make passwords more secure.  However, they lost email addresses and password reminders in a recent breach of their databases by hackers.  While the real passwords were not stolen, the information will most likely [...]

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Blue Cross Data Breach Affects 1.1 Million Customers

Blue Cross Data Breach Affects 1.1 Million Customers. The attack was similar to earlier hacks perpetrated at insurers Premera and Anthem, with similar methods used.  A fake website was set up to capture information which closely mimicked the domain name of the real site, and preliminary investigation points towards a [...]

ID Info of Federal Employers Stolen with Federal Hack

Unidentified hackers recently stole personal information on over 4 million current and former federal employees from the Office of Personnel Management.  This federal hack appears to have originated in China, but Chinese authorities deny all involvement. "This is the most significant breach of federal networks in U.S. history," House Homeland [...]

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Hacker Claims to Have Ability to Control Commercial Flight

Hacker claims to be able to take over control of  a commercial flight.  Using a loophole in the in-flight entertainment system, CNN reported that hacker claimed to have the ability to control an airliner.  The FBI is investigating the veracity of the claim, and presumably ensuring that any potential security [...]

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Police Department Server Data Infected by Ransomware

    A computer virus infected the Lincoln County, Maine police department server on March 20th, encrypting data used by multiple municipal law enforcement agencies. The virus held data in the system hostage until a payment of $320 in bitcoins was made.  Once paid, the decryption code was released and [...]