Why Cybersecurity Should Not Be Your IT Manager’s Burden

We love your IT manager. But can we tell you something? Placing your company’s cybersecurity on their already weighed down shoulders is a slippery slope that can have devastating repercussions. It also shouldn’t be their responsibility in the first place. A CEO’s job is to eliminate the things that [...]

What You Need to Know About VMware and Browser Settings

FROM THE DESK OF MIKE MADDOX: In our last blog post, I provided an informational bulletin regarding recently discovered microprocessor vulnerabilities and the potential for these vulnerabilities to lead to security breaches. This is a huge issue that impacts all businesses and billions of devices. Over the coming days, hardware [...]

What You Need to Know About Recent Processor and Chip Vulnerabilities

From the desk of Mike Maddox: You have probably seen the news reports regarding microprocessor vulnerabilities and the potential for these vulnerabilities to lead to security breaches. ASK has put together the information below in an effort to keep you informed regarding this issue. To define the issue: it was [...]

Cyber-Crime: Do We Have Your Attention Now?

If you thought your organization was too small to be affected by cyber-crime, it is safe to assume that the WannaCry(ptor) ransomware attack was eye opening. Malware (which includes ransomware), credential theft, and other common cyber-crimes aren’t just targeted at Fortune 500 companies - they are looking for targets of [...]

A New Variant of Crypto-Ransomware Hits the Globe

Have you heard the news? On Friday, May 12th, a new variant of Crypto-Ransomware (WannaCry) was released worldwide causing major disruptions at hospitals, private and public institutions, and has since garnered major media attention. This attack was detrimental to companies of all sizes all over the world. Cyber security is [...]

Cyber-Attacks Prove the Need for SOC’s

We know that cyber security rank as the #1 concern for small businesses and more than 80% of CEO’s are aware that the threat of cyber-attacks is continuously going up. What is surprising is that recent research tells us that most CEO’s are naïve to their companies’ ability to handle [...]

Is Your Business Taking Care of Cyber Security?

ASK President and CEO Mike Maddox joins Michigan Business Network to discuss a major issue facing every business today - Cyber Security. This is not a new issue and the targets are not only large companies. These hackers are looking for open doors to get into, which gets them into businesses of any size. [...]

Part 2: White Hat Hackers – Using Their Powers for Good

  Imagine a room which held the three following people: the nation's leading hackers, the Pentagon's chief of training and an Air Force Academy Professor who teaches cyber skills to cadets. One may picture some interesting conversations, to say the least. One point they will all agree on [...]