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What Happens When You Mix Business Consulting with Particle Acceleration? You get Jerry Hollister.

You might not think groundbreaking cancer research and business consulting have much in common. But our recent guest on the Bottom Line IT podcast blends those two worlds with ease! Jerry Hollister wears two big professional hats:  He’s the principal consultant at BBC Entrepreneurial Training and Consulting, a company that helps small tech companies reach their business goals.  [...]

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Bottom Line I.T. With Amy Mumby And Erik Jacobsen | April 9 And April 16

On this episode podcast of Bottom Line I.T. with Amy Mumby and Erik Jacobsen address the latest in I.T. news including Two-Factor Authentication and Aibo's dark side. Take listen for a whole lot more! See Full Post: http://www.michiganbusinessnetwork.com/blog/bottom-line-i.t.-with-amy-mumby-and-erik-jacobsen-april-9-and-april-16 [...]

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