ASK Adds Marketing Solutions to Service Offerings.

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Technology continues to make its way into every aspect of our businesses. Each department of a company is dependent on the availability and functionality of its technology. At some point over the last 5 years, we realized that we were no longer a technology company offering solutions.  We had become a consulting company specializing in technology. We were assisting our clients with far more than break-fix technology needs. We were spending less time using band-aids as short-term solutions and digging deeper into technology planning and long-term strategy. We began looking at how our clients’ businesses functioned and how technology could make their staff more productive, their processes more defined, and their environment more secure.

Our clients were coming to us with questions on how we could solve their business needs. They were looking to us to offer technology and a business expertise. So, it was no surprise to us when we started receiving questions from our clients about marketing solutions, social media, and websites. ASK has always believed that if the client considers it technology then it is technology.  The problem was that we knew nothing about marketing, social media and websites. We needed a resource to turn to for all things marketing so that we could continue to serve our clients well and provide them with a solution to their business need.

After having worked directly with Katie Saglimbene of Klimb Creative, LLC for well over a year, we got to see the power of marketing first hand and the level of customer service and expertise she brought to the table. We wanted more. We wanted more of her marketing consulting for ASK and we wanted to be able to offer it to our clients. After many meetings and whiteboarding sessions, we crafted a concept that would change the way we look at the relationship between business, technology, and marketing.

We are thrilled to announce that we have officially launched Elevate Marketing Co., a marketing consulting company focused on providing small and medium businesses with marketing strategy, social media management, and website design. Elevate Marketing Co. is a sister company of ASK, with Mike Maddox and Leo Orsini as co-owners alongside Katie Saglimbene.

Elevate Marketing Company

Katie is a true difference maker who has had a dramatic and amazing impact on ASK. She has literally impacted almost every area of our business and brought true professionalism to our marketing and communication strategies- both internal and external. Katie and her team focus on our client communications, email marketing strategies, website management, event planning, and overall branding.

We can now bring these same marketing consulting solutions and advantages directly to our clients. We couldn’t be more excited about this new line of service offerings!

To learn more about Elevate Marketing Co., visit their website or contact us to learn more!

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