7 Cybersecurity Questions to Ask After the Equifax Breach

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The recent Equifax breach has many business leaders asking what could have been done to avoid this breach and what they can do to make sure this does not happen to their business. On a recent segment of the Bottom Line IT Show, Mike and Amy discuss an article that addresses this topic. There are a few top cybersecurity questions that business owners and leaders should be asking in order to make sure their business is safe are discussed.

7 Cybersecurity Questions Every Leader Should Ask

  1. Do you have an outside entity that is monitoring the input and output of data for your business? We call this Live Security Monitoring here at ASK. This is the current trend in the industry. Regardless of size, every business needs to have a cybersecurity monitoring program in place. You need to know where your vulnerabilities are. An outside expert is needed for this, as you cannot see the holes in your network yourself.
  2. Have you geo-fenced the company and travel for executives? Geo-fencing creates a safe place for your employees to remain secure while they are on their devices. This is especially important for big events that your business may be hosting and for high profile executives that may be a greater risk.
  3. Have you defined your top and most important business assets? What would cripple your business should you lose it? Do you have a procedure in place to protect that? The key is to have a plan in place.
  4. What is your worst cybersecurity nightmare? Have you put a plan in place to prevent or mitigate it?
  5. How aggressive do you want to be? How locked down do you want your network to be? You cannot eliminate all the risks but how much do you need to do to mitigate the most important risks?
  6. When was the last time is your business has met to discuss your cybersecurity plan? Do you have a clear, documented list of roles and responsibilities? What are the steps you will take? This needs to be planned and documented.
  7. If you have a plan, have you actually tested it? Like a fire drill, it needs to be tested to ensure it will work.

It is important to get these questions answered before a crisis occurs. All businesses need to protect themselves from emerging threats because it is not a matter of if, but when a breach will happen.

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