Security? What Security? Four Million Stolen Data Records Everyday

Nearly 1.4 billion data records were stolen by hackers or lost during 2016, almost double the number of what was comprised the previous year, according to figures published in Gemalto's Breach Level Index Report for 2016.   This number is on the rise and indicates the ever-growing threat posed not only by [...]

Microsoft Office 365 Outage and How to be Prepared

A 17 hour intermittent Microsoft Office 365 outage that prevented some customers from accessing their OneDrive accounts back in March, coupled with two hours of login problems, is driving home the need for cloud-focused business continuity services, according to solution providers. Like any other services interruption, be it power or cable, [...]

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Cyber-Crime: Do We Have Your Attention Now?

If you thought your organization was too small to be affected by cyber-crime, it is safe to assume that the WannaCry(ptor) ransomware attack was eye opening. Malware (which includes ransomware), credential theft, and other common cyber-crimes aren’t just targeted at Fortune 500 companies - they are looking for targets of [...]

A New Variant of Crypto-Ransomware Hits the Globe

Have you heard the news? On Friday, May 12th, a new variant of Crypto-Ransomware (WannaCry) was released worldwide causing major disruptions at hospitals, private and public institutions, and has since garnered major media attention. This attack was detrimental to companies of all sizes all over the world. Cyber security is [...]