Backup vs Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery are not directly interchangeable terms; but disaster recovery is not possible without backup in the first place. We do backups because we know we have to, in case we lose the primary versions of data and/or the systems that create and manage that data. Disaster recovery is having the [...]

Summer Client Spotlight – Merchant Solutions

As profiled in our Summer Newsletter, Merchant Solutions International. Peter Concannon started Merchant Solutions in 1997 after spending time in the commercial lending and financial industries. Concannon wanted to build a company which would provide an extremely high level of customer service, that was lacking in this industry. In 2000, [...]

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Is Your Business Taking Care of Cyber Security?

ASK President and CEO Mike Maddox joins Michigan Business Network to discuss a major issue facing every business today - Cyber Security. This is not a new issue and the targets are not only large companies. These hackers are looking for open doors to get into, which gets them into businesses of any size. [...]