How Easy is it to Break Your Passwords? Check this out…

All passwords are hashed before being stored. A hash is a one-way function that transforms an input into a jumbled output.  Hacking software often utilizes brute force attacks to try every single combination of characters to break your passwords. There are a few factors used to compute how long a [...]

Password Manager App “LastPass” Discloses Breach

LastPass is a well-known password manager which offers users a central place to store passwords and helps make passwords more secure.  However, they lost email addresses and password reminders in a recent breach of their databases by hackers.  While the real passwords were not stolen, the information will most likely [...]

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Dassault Systemes Living Heart Project – Bottom Line IT

Dassault Systemes Living Heart Project - Technology Changing the World.  Dassault has created a high-fidelity scientifically validated 3D simulator of a four-chamber human heart.  The realistic simulation will aid researchers seeking new understanding about the heart, as well as designers of health products.  For example, coronary stents can be evaluated [...]

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IBM Makes Some Predictions about Artificial Intelligence

IBM is Making Some Amazing Predictions about the Future of Artificial Intelligence.  IBM’s signature AI system, Watson, has already gained notoriety for beating Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings and for creating new recipes.  At a recent World of Watson event, IBM postulated that cognitive systems such as Watson could start influencing [...]

Blue Cross Data Breach Affects 1.1 Million Customers

Blue Cross Data Breach Affects 1.1 Million Customers. The attack was similar to earlier hacks perpetrated at insurers Premera and Anthem, with similar methods used.  A fake website was set up to capture information which closely mimicked the domain name of the real site, and preliminary investigation points towards a [...]

Webinar: Kevin Mitnick-The World’s Most Famous Hacker

Our email encryption partner, Zix, will be having a conversation about the inherent insecurity of email with the world's most famous hacker, Kevin Mitnick, on June 17th, 2015. This notorious black hat turned white hat hacker will share thought-provoking insight on the simplicity of hacking unencrypted email, even demonstrating an [...]