Recent Google Update Will Have an Impact

Google just made a major update to its mobile search algorithm.  Search results will start favoring mobile-friendly websites: sites with large text, easy-to-click links, and resizeable views.  Websites that are not mobile-friendly will lose some search result preference. Over 45% of Fortune 500 companies and 29% of Internet Retailer 500 sites were [...]

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Data Breach Costs Continue to Mount for Target

Hackers took over 40 million customer credit card numbers from Target last autumn. Both the CIO and CEO have been replaced since the breach.  Target recently settled with MasterCard for $20 million due to costs incurred to reissue credit cards and debit cards as a result of the incident, as [...]

ZMap Scans the Entire Internet In Less Than 1 Hour

ZMap, a software tool developed by a team of researchers from the University of Michigan, can scan the entirety of the internet in under an hour  to reveal details about the roughly 4 billion devices online. ZMap has been used to measure the scope of significant flaws across the connected universe, [...]

Matt & Amy Discuss the Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet

The Microsoft Surface 3 Tablet Microsoft unveiled its latest tablet, the Surface 3, which now has a full version of Windows.  Previous models ran “RT” versions of Windows, which were not capable of running full Windows apps. Microsoft is also tying Office 365 subscriptions to the purchase of the tablet [...]

IBM Lures a High-Profile Customer From Amazon’s Cloud

IBM Lures a High-Profile Customer From Amazon's Cloud -- According to Business Insider, The Weather Company (parent of the Weather Channel) will be moving its business-to-business unit, WSI, from a private data center to IBM's SoftLayer.  TWC will continue using AWS for its consumer business, although it might migrate some workloads from other businesses [...]

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Microsoft Windows Patch Released for Server Vulnerability

April 16, 2015 - ASK became aware yesterday of a critical Microsoft Windows Server vulnerability.  A Microsoft Windows patch was released to address this.  Many of the most common Windows environment configurations are susceptible to this exploit.  Microsoft recommends addressing critical vulnerabilities immediately, ASK completed patching for all of its [...]

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