ASK is a technology services firm supporting over 100 companies and organizations’ technology in the State of Michigan.

As such we are designated a critical infrastructure business under Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21 (COVID-19) Section 8 part h: Communications and information technology.

We are currently staffing our office with essential employees as outlined in yesterday’s email.

This is authorized by the General Manager of ASK, Scott Spalding.
Phone: 517-999-0229 | sspalding@justask.net

A Different Kind of IT Company

ASK is a Michigan-based full-service IT solutions, security, services, and cybersecurity provider serving the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. We are committed to taking the hassle out of technology in order to allow our customers to more effectively run their businesses. Our value is in our ability to combine superior technology with outstanding service. The customer’s best interest will guide every decision that we make.

We combine personalized customer attention, technical excellence and project efficiency to ensure that we always exceed our customer’s expectations.

The ASK staff is a team of hand-selected professionals with up-to-the-minute proficiency in leading technology solutions. Each member of our team is committed to strong customer service values and a genuine passion for leveraging technology in order to deliver business results.

For all of your business technology, cybersecurity and computer service needs, just ask for ASK!

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ASK is a world class provider of best of breed IT hardware, software, services, and security solutions. Our combination of personalized customer attention, technical excellence, and project efficiency has resulted in our reputation as a leading provider of technical solutions in the Midwest.

  • Serving Mid-Michigan businesses for over 25 years

  • Locally owned and operated in REO Town, Lansing

  • Core specialties in cybersecurity, business consulting, and IT management

  • Dedicated teams for projects, solutions, service, and security

  • Providing 24x7x365 Service Level Agreements – we are always on the job


ASK provides strategic IT consulting and planning to help you utilize technology to keep your company moving forward. We will help you plan for IT using a custom technology roadmap.


Data loss, phishing attacks, malware, ransomware… companies are constantly battling with cyber-security issues. If your company were to experience a cyber-attack, would you know what to do or who to call?


Our Technical Services team will provide you with the technical support you need to run your company. It’s like hiring thirty people for the price of one – and you get access to a whole team of technical experts!

Our Technology Services

ASK understands that, for a business, technology has no intrinsic value of its own. It’s only value is its ability to enable reduced costs, increased revenues or streamlined processes. Every ASK product and service is built on this premise. In order to provide real business value through technology, an understanding of the client’s needs and goals is at the foundation of every solution and proposal produced by ASK. Our methodology has been built to ensure that we are consistently exceeding these goals and it includes the following elements:

  • Total Care Managed IT

  • Live Security Monitoring

  • Detect and Respond

  • Security Risk Assessments

  • Phishing Campaigns

  • Password Audits

  • Backup and Rapid Recovery

  • IT Strategy Consulting

  • Infrastructure Design Services

  • Hardware/Software

  • Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Azure

Our Clients Say

Having a partner like ASK allows us to tap into a team of experts ranging from communications to networks, hardware, software and security. They have a deep bench. There is no way that a small business like ourselves could get those types of resources as part of our staff. It was would be way too expensive.
I’m not looking for ASK to replace our IT team. ASK is a great extension of our current IT team.

Todd Granger, Granger Waste Services

Several years ago ransomware that hit a utility company in the area, the same exact one hit us. ASK was watching over us with 24/7 monitoring and we were able to thwart that attack and we only lost four hours worth of work. We never paid the ransom. We were back to work the next day.

What I like about ASK, they are seeing things every day. This is their business. This is their core competency. It’s more than just a partnership. It’s somebody that truly cares and loves for Orbitform.

Phil Sponsler, President of Orbitform

ASK provides top notch managed IT services. We view them as a trusted member of our team. I recommend them to any business who wants to focus on growing their business instead of dealing with technology issues.

Aaron Boatin, AMBS Call Center

What’s really blown me away about ASK, is how fun and easy they are to work with. They help with cybersecurity, setting up new computers, the helpdesk on top of our internal staff so it really complements so that all aspects of our IT are covered.

Chad Rensi, CFO of CentralStar Cooperative, Inc

USA Lamp & Ballast / Cleanlites Recycling is extremely grateful for our partnership with ASK. The staff at ASK understands the meaning of customer service and immediate response. The staff at ASK are friendly, polite and the most technically astute group we have ever worked with. We are very thankful for their management of our IT infrastructure; we have 3 locations in other states and their remote response to our satellite locations has been impeccable. I would highly recommend ASK to any organization that requires first class IT solutions, and their ability to customize any solution you need to meet your ever-changing business needs.

Rick Wright, USA Lamp & Ballast / Cleanlites Recycling, Inc.

ASK Total Care is a program that provides a tremendous return on investment. In today’s economy there is no way that a small business can provide their own professional IT service for anywhere near the same cost. Like most businesses, we depend on our technology working and ASK ensures that it works and that it supports our business goals.

David Duane, Heat Controller

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