Microsoft Office 365 Outage and How to be Prepared

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Microsoft Office 365 OutageA 17 hour intermittent Microsoft Office 365 outage that prevented some customers from accessing their OneDrive accounts back in March, coupled with two hours of login problems, is driving home the need for cloud-focused business continuity services, according to solution providers. Like any other services interruption, be it power or cable, users get frustrated because they don’t know the extent of the problem or time by which it will be resolved. Erik and Amy discuss this outage and what business owners need to do make sure they are prepared for these situations on this segment of the Bottom Line IT.

Microsoft is a big player in the cloud storage solution business today but only started offering cloud service a few years ago. They got off to a rocky start and had intermittent email outages in the beginning, but have since experienced little to no downtime after fixing their original issues. This changed in March when Microsoft experienced a 17-hour intermittent outage. Microsoft said its engineering team identified a “storage cluster that lost power and became unavailable” as the preliminary cause of the storage issues which affected the Eastern U.S. Although, outages like this can be frustrating, it is important to recognize the downtime things like this cause pales in comparison to what providers, like Microsoft, offer. So what can businesses do to make sure they are prepared for these events?

Being educated and prepared is the key, according to Erik and Amy. When outages like this happen, providers typically can’t answer questions as to when it will be resolved because they are in the midst of trying to diagnose the cause and find a fix. This is why it is important to work with a knowledgeable vendor.  If you are a business owner, you must know that at some point, something is going to happen to your IT network that is out of your control. You need a plan in place in order to keep the business running.  Businesses ASK offers Office 365 solutions that fit the growing demands of any business.  If your business is in need, our business managers ASK can help design a solution and find a plan that works for you. Learn more about Microsoft Office 360 and what it can do for your business here.

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