Amazon Cloud Services Outages – Is The Cloud Worth It?

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JoAmazon Cloud Services sh, ASK ESS Manager, joins Mike Maddox in the studio to discuss the recent outage of Amazon Cloud Services in this segment of this segment of the Bottom Line IT Security Segment.  They get into the topic of the Cloud in general and if business managers should be hesitant to move key business functions to the Cloud.

In early March, Amazon Cloud Services, the largest cloud service provider in the world had an outage. A human error at an Amazon Web Services data center in Virginia caused a widespread outage, the worst the public cloud provider experienced in four years. As with any Amazon Web Services issue, be it a hiccup or worse, the size of the provider’s customer base and the number of service providers who use it as a platform, magnified the problem.

This can lead to business owners being skeptical when IT departments suggest moving everything to the cloud. Is the cloud a better option, where you just rent what you need from the cloud or is owning software and hardware and keeping them “on premise” in data centers and other specialized facilities the better option?

Josh and Mike suggest that every business do their own research. If the business has a lot of money invested in hardware and software, it might not make sense to move to the cloud. If the company wants more consistent service across various time zones by having different data centers, the cloud is a better option. By using the cloud, businesses eliminate hardware costs and you pay per hour, per usage rate.  Costs can also be ramped up or down, if it is a seasonal business, paying more only during high volume times.

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